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Originally Posted by fraggle View Post
Guys its a survival game... It is the same shit we've been playing since DayZ. I can tell you how it will go:

1.) Join, spend 2 hr getting gear
2.) Retard running around playing darude sandstorm
3.) Guy asks if you're friendly so you shoot him
4.) Get shot in the back of the head
5.) Repeat steps 1-4, maybe the guy plays a different song

These games are cancer. Cancer of the wallet. There is no cure.
I never ask anyone if they're friendly unless I've killed them. This is how it goes for me.

1) join, get gear in 30 minutes cos ESP
2) find someone to kill
3) ask if they're friendly while they're raging/crying on mic
4) proceed to empty the server with mass murder or any other game breaking cheat that my friend has coded (I've actually never used AA's cheat in a survival game yet except for WarZ, so idk what features we usually get)
5) repeat steps in new server

I'd never 'legit' cheat in a survival game, so pointless and boring imo. Rage is where it's at..

But I do agree with you, these games are like cancer lately. It was really fun when Rust first released. I've never played a survival game as good as Rust Legacy..

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