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MoonShadow 2013-06-05 13:54

Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator

Should be fun :D

l33t-wow 2013-06-05 14:53

That Video is so old.

IceFrog 2013-06-05 21:21


Originally Posted by l33t-wow (Post 527948)
That Video is so old.

It's not old , it's already dead :D

This is the cool new shit :

l33t-wow 2013-06-05 21:31


Originally Posted by IceFrog (Post 528011)
It's not old , it's already dead :D

This is the cool new shit :

I dont belive anything that they are telling people.
I am sure that this complete Project "Omni" is a huge Scam and totally suck.

MoonShadow 2013-06-06 16:17

I know it's OLD, but I still like it. Even that other Project is exactly the same, but smaller. :rolleyes:
Yet that Omni is actually the same as the video I placed, yet it's combined with the Oculus Rift.
Where are the machines that are shooting you in Omni? I don't see them, thus you aren't immersed in the game even with the Oculus Rift, as you don't feel the bullets. That's the main difference.

Why not Oculus Rift + Omni + those weapons in that Battlefield 3 Simulator? Than you are in the game and if they shoot you, you also feel it. Now in that Omni video, the guy gets killed and he doesn't feel it.

That the point I'm trying to make ;)

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