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I dont understand why dice dont try to remake the original of BF2 or BF2412. New Engine but old Gamestyle. Same maps and same balance. This would be a real Blockbuster. BF5 is just a Eyecatcher, beautifull engine, amazing effects, but if you give a look behind the cardboard you will find a empty room.

fast money and prevent that the player have to long fun with the game....thats their concept.

how many years we played bf2/2142? 4-5? impossible today.

I really hate gamedevs. in the past they tryed to make sure that the player dont get bored from game after some months. today they hire scientists to get mass studies "how to make sure that the player get bored until the next release"

and then they move their shit to mobile to get double and tripple so much profit...

nuff said
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