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Originally Posted by wolli1901 View Post
I'm thinking of buying the BF V Hack. The question now is, how can I play without being banned directly? Has anyone been banned in BF V at all?
they use "FairFight"
"how can I play without being banned directly ?"
you need to play legit and don't rage cheat with norecoil/wh etc

BattleField 5 - BF5
Hack Status
Current/Last Detection Status
Last Detection Date

"FairFight by GameBlocks is a real time cheat detection and suppression system. FairFight is non-invasive, customizable and engine agnostic. It does not reside on the player's computer and does not examine the players' devices or perpetually look for the latest hacks. FairFight uses our proprietary GameChangerâ„¢ rule engine along with advanced database structures to evaluate players' real-time gameplay actions. FairFight combines algorithmic models that assess an array of statistical markers to identify possible cheating, and cross-checks these measurements using objective gameplay reporting to Make it a FairFightâ„¢ for everyone."

"FairFight receives game play data from the game server and focuses on the gameplay itself to determine if a player is cheating. Server Side Cheat Detection (SSCD) monitors in-game conditions and actions, while realtime Algorithmic Analysis of Player Statistics (AAPS) identifies statistically anomalous outcomes. When combined and cross-checked, FairFight's graduated punishment system suppresses and deters cheating using prompt and appropriate penalties."
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