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How to use the IRC support channel
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How to use the IRC support channel

The staff are pretty frustrated with the amount of people coming into the support IRC channel and not knowing how to behave. It's quite simple. This guide will show you how to behave and get the best help in the fastest time.
  1. SEARCH BEFORE YOU JOIN!!! 99% of questions asked in support have already been covered in the forums. A quick search will help you and us by keeping the flow of support channel users minimal. Search HERE
  2. When you join (you know you have joined when you see a list of names on the right side) STATE YOUR QUESTION OR PROBLEM! Don't sit there saying HELP or ANYONE THERE? Just ask what you need to ask and wait for a reply.
  3. If you don't get an answer within a few minutes DON'T LEAVE!!!! If you have to leave simply say "I have to leave now. But I will be back later in the day/tomorrow." Please remember we are not robots.
  4. Be aware of timezones. The staff/mods/trustees are spread over a variety of timezones. Usually once the time is past 3AM GMT you should try again the next day.
  5. When we do finally answer your question PLEASE LEAVE THE CHANNEL! Do not idle in the supportchannel after your issue is fixed.
  6. Do not use the support channel for requesting HWID resets. Please use THIS THREAD
When using/joining IRC: USE YOUR FORUM NAME!

Link to the web client: >>>WEB IRC Client<<< Following the above guide will get you fast and friendly support.

You can also use Chatzilla, its free and has better connections for some people, heres a video on how to get Chatzilla for Firefox

To the VIP's/trustees that read this. When linking to the IRC support channel from now on link this thread instead.

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